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Engagement Rings

When looking to buy engagement rings for women, consider the vast array of options available. Designer engagement ring stores offer several elegant designs. Halo, pave, twisted shank and multi-row engagement rings are all popular choices. Solitaire engagement rings are evergreen choices for women seeking elegance. Diamond engagement rings are a symbol of lasting love and have a unique, timeless appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Engagement rings are available in a variety of styles and settings. Apart from solitaire rings, which are the most sought after, bezel, pave, split-shank, halo, east-west and hidden accent are common engagement ring styles available. My Bridal Ring offers a variety of engagement rings in popular styles including solitaire, twisted shank, pave-style, 3 stone, as well as single and multi row engagement rings.

Gold is the traditional choice of metal for engagement rings, while new-age couples prefer platinum. Other options on the market include titanium, cobalt, tungsten, silver and palladium. My Bridal Ring offers a wide range of engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

There are four aspects to keep in mind when choosing a diamond for your engagement ring. These are cut, color, clarity and carat. Check the diamond specifications on the product description page of the engagement ring you are considering on My Bridal Ring.

A ring sizer is a reliable way to measure your partner’s ring size. Use a ring sizing chart or a printable ring sizer to measure your partner’s finger while they're asleep or otherwise occupied. My Bridal Ring offers a reliable one here.

Buying an engagement ring is an extremely personal decision, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to deciding on your budget. However, blowing up all your savings on a ring is never a wise idea. Keep in mind your income, savings that you want to set aside and other financial priorities before you make a decision. My Bridal Ring offers engagement rings at various affordable price points.